Natural Deodorant

That Works

Say goodbye to chemical-loaded
deodorants and embrace the natural 
way to stay fresh.

Zero Chemicals

Smooth Texture

Natural & Organic

No Bicarbonate Soda

Stay Fresh for up-to 12hrs


Did you know?

Sweat Doesn't Smell!

Sweat doesn’t actually stink, it’s the bacteria which harbours in warm crevices like the armpits which grows on it that creates the smell. Unlike traditional aluminium deodorants which work by blocking your sweat glands in order to stop you from sweating, at ESCA we use lactobacillus, a probiotic to neutralise odour-causing bacteria. The probiotic works in tandem with Arrowroot and Tallow to absorb moisture and eliminate odour.

What makes our Deodorants so good

Coconut Oil 
Full of vitamins and antioxidants to help keep your skin smooth while smelling good.
Helps Keep You Dry By Absorbing Moisture.
A Probiotic That Neutralises Odour-Causing Bacteria
A Naturally Occurring Oil In Tallow, Palmitoleic Acid, Has Natural Antimicrobial Properties That Fight Odour-Causing Bacteria.
Magnesium Hydroxide 
Neutralises Odour Causing Bacteria
Shea Butter 
A great moisturiser for your skin.

A NEW TYPE of Deodorant

We are ESCA - A husband and wife partnership - who believe in creating a brand of natural deodorant that is long lasting, good for your health and without the bulls**t chemicals.

Benefits of Going Natural

  • Effective

    Our tried and tested formula will keep you smelling fresh for up-to 12hrs
  • Science not Buzzwords

    Lactobacillus, a probiotic neutralises odour causing bacteria. Working in tandem with Arrowroot powder to absorb moisture from your pits!
  • Zero Chemicals

    Natural and clean ingredients. Zero chemicals or Aluminium and NO Bicarbonate soda - All irritants to the skin